Parenting skills 2

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Mindfulness is a form of meditation based on the Buddhist tradition, which has been used over the last two decades to successfully treat a multitude of mental health problems.

Parenting skills 2

Parenting Success Skills Top Doing our own work first is the number one skill of parenting. That being said, I still believe the number 1 rule of parenting is consistency. Consistency—The 1 Rule of Parenting Kids need to know what to expect.

They need structure in order to thrive. Consistency is the key to discipline. How can we teach kids to improve behavior when the rules and consequences constantly change? But consistency is also important in our own behavior, as parents.

When we are consistent in our behavior toward our kids—in how we discipline, teach, and model behavior for them —our Parenting skills 2 will not only behave better. And so will we parents.

We give in, go back on our word, give up! Here are 6 things I have learned and used to help me be more consistent with my kids. I hope they will help you be more consistent in your parenting skills too! Why or why not? This goes for values you want to teach too.

Get in touch with what really matters to you as a parent and consistently do those things. This is an area of psychology that helps us understand how human and animal behavior becomes conditioned. It has helped me tremendously as a parent. In very simple terms, continuous reinforcement giving a reward or punishment every single time is the quickest way for us to learn a behavior.

Think of training a dog. Kids are the same. They need continuous reinforcement if we want them to learn something new. After a while, though, spaced out rewards are more effective.

This is intermittent reinforcement.

Parenting skills 2

Intermittent reinforcement is a great way to keep a behavior going after it has been learned. The thing is, these principles work for negative behavior too. Being inconsistent with consequences even one time can give your child hope for the slot machine payoff, making her more likely to roll the dice with bad behavior.

It makes it so much easier to be consistent in my discipline and in my own behavior when I have to discipline.

Always give it thought before you commit. Because once you say it…. It can be tough, for sure, when kids break the rules and you have to consistently follow through.

But, doing so in a matter-of-fact way is the best. Having written rules helps take the anger, frustration, and emotion out of following through. Keeping your own emotions in check not only models good behavior for kids, it: That, in life, when we make a mistake, there are consequences.

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but allows for their development of lagging skills. Parenting Skills is the newest section of Skills You Need and we're adding more common sense parenting advice all the time. We'd love to hear your views and ideas for areas you think we should cover.

Parenting skills 2

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