King alfred personality study

This is unlikely; his succession could not have been foreseen at the time as Alfred had three living elder brothers. A letter of Leo IV shows that Alfred was made a " consul "; a misinterpretation of this investiture, deliberate or accidental, could explain later confusion.

King alfred personality study

Moskau Moscow metropolitan area and the rest of nearest Russian European areas Alfred Rosenberg in Former Nazi Ministry for Occupied Eastern Territories, Berlin Although Rosenberg regarded all the Soviet peoples as subhumans for their communist beliefs, [42] such suggestions were intended to encourage certain non- Russian nationalism and to promote German interests for the benefit of future Aryan generations, in accord with geopolitical " Lebensraum im Osten" plans.

They would provide a buffer against Soviet expansion in preparation for the total eradication of Communism and Bolshevism by decisive pre-emptive military action. Following these plans, when Wehrmacht forces invaded Soviet-controlled territory, they immediately implemented the first of the proposed Reichskommissariats of Ostland and Ukraineunder the leadership of Hinrich Lohse and Erich Kochrespectively.

The organization of these administrative territories led to conflict between Rosenberg and the SS over the treatment of Slavs under German occupation. Rosenberg often complained to Hitler and Himmler about the treatment of non-Jewish occupied peoples.

Some six million Jews still live in the East, and this question can only be solved by a biological extermination of the whole of Jewry in Europe. King alfred personality study Jewish Question will only be solved for Germany when the last Jew has left German territory, and for Europe when not a single Jew stands on the European continent as far as the Urals And to this end it is necessary to force them beyond the Urals or otherwise bring about their eradication.

At the Nuremberg Trials he claimed to be ignorant of the Holocaustdespite the fact that Leibbrandt and Meyer were present at the Wannsee conference.

German propaganda efforts designed to win over Russian opinion were, at best, patchy and inconsistent.

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Alfred Rosenberg was one of the few in the Nazi hierarchy who advocated a policy designed to encourage anti-Communist opinion among the population of the occupied territories. His interest here was mainly in the non-Russian areas such as Ukraine and the Baltic States; however, supporters of the Russian Liberation Army were somewhat able to win him over.

He also issued an Agrarian Law in Februaryannulling all Soviet legislation on farming and restoring family farms for those willing to collaborate with the occupiers.

Hitler himself denounced the redistribution of land as "stupid". Posters for "volunteer" labour, with inscriptions like "Come work with us to shorten the war", hid the appalling realities faced by Russian workers in Germany.


Many people joined the partisans rather than risk being sent to an unknown fate in the west. The final judgment against him named him one of the principal planners of the invasions of Norway and the Soviet Union.

It also held him directly responsible for the systematic plunder of the occupied countries of Europe, as well as the brutal conditions in Eastern Europe. He was perceived as lacking the charisma and political skills of the other Nazi leaders, and was somewhat isolated.

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In some of his speeches Hitler appeared to be close to Rosenberg's views, rejecting traditional Christianity as a religion based on Jewish culture, preferring an ethnically and culturally pure "Race" whose destiny was supposed to be assigned to the German people by "Providence".

In others, he adhered to the Nazi Party line, which advocated a "positive Christianity". After Hitler's assumption of power he moved to reassure the Protestant and Catholic churches that the party was not intending to reinstitute Germanic paganism.

King alfred personality study

He placed himself in the position of being the man to save Positive Christianity from utter destruction at the hands of the atheistic antitheist Communists of the Soviet Union. Furthermore, Hitler felt that Catholic-Protestant infighting had been a major factor in weakening the German state and allowing its dominance by foreign powers.

Hitler privately condemned mystical and pseudoreligious interests as "nonsense".King Alfred the Great was not only a great warrior, but more importantly a nation builder.

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I think this quote is a true assesment of Alfred and I will explain why in the pages that follow. Alfred was born into a royal family in in Wantage (now in Oxfordshire). King Alfred Personality Study Essay Alfred was not only a great warrior, but more importantly a nation builder”.

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