How to write a two chunk jane schaffer paragraph

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How to write a two chunk jane schaffer paragraph

how to write a two chunk jane schaffer paragraph

For example, remembering his mothers warning about a wolf, he builds his house out of sturdy brick. The wolf is unable to blow down the brick house. This shows that the third pig is smarter than his brothers, who were both eaten by the wolf.

In conclusion, the third pig outsmarts not only his brothers but the big, bad wolf as well. That means you will end up with 8 sentence body paragraphs.

You, may, of course, write a three chunk paragraph Thats what honors level kiddos have to do.

The Jane Schaffer Writing Program

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how to write a two chunk jane schaffer paragraph

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2 chunk (8 sentence Jane Schaffer paragraph due) Comparison or Contrast (not both) After discussion and notes on the similarities and differences of two PETS: dog & cat Create a 2 chunk paragraph . Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback.

Arial Times New Roman Wingdings Arial Black Radial Jane Schaffer Format for Persuasive Writing The Format for Body Paragraphs (for a two chunk paragraph): Start with a thesis statement!

Introduction / Conclusion Paragraph How to begin. Here is the outline for a two-chunk paragraph: I. Topic sentence (TS) – This sentence tells the reader what the main idea of the paragraph is.

Typically, you state the claim that you are going to prove. If you are writing a paragraph in response to a question, the topic sentence should answer the question. a. The Jane Schaffer paragraph (commonly known as a Schaffer paragraph, Schaeffer paragraph, or Schæffer paragraph, and misspelled as Shaffer paragraph and Shafer paragraph) is a five-sentence paragraph developed by Jane Schaffer, used to write essays.


Copy of Jane Schaffer Two-Chunk Paragraph Format by Melissa Rabaya on Prezi